Guillaume Piolle

Guillaume Piolle

CentraleSupélec - campus de Rennes
Équipe CIDre
CS 47601
Avenue de la Boulaie
35576 Cesson-Sévigné Cedex
tel (+33) 299 84 45 52

I am currently a lecturer at CentraleSupélec (Rennes campus), in the CIDre (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Distribution) research group.

My research work focuses on privacy and personal data protection, computer security and legal computing.

I am the administrator of the [privacy-fr] mailing list, communication tool for the French-speaking community about privacy and personal data protection. Everyone interested in the subject is welcome, contact me if you want to join the list.

PhD students

  • Pernelle Mensah (industrial PhD with Nokia, co-advised with Eric Totel, Christine Morin and Samuel Dubus), Risk-aware security policy adaptation in modern communication infrastructures;
  • Gustav Malis (PhD in law, co-advised with Annie Blandin), The right to deletion of data published by the subjects themselves.

Former PhD students

  • Laurent Georget (2017);
  • Regina Paiva Melo Marin (2015).

Research areas

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies;
  • Security and privacy in distributed applications and architectures;
  • Implementation of the right to be forgotten;
  • Metrics and models for privacy in distributed machine learning;
  • Reactive security in virtualization/SDN cloud computing environments;
  • Security and privacy policies;
  • ...

Other technical interests

  • Computer security in general;
  • Legal aspects of personal data protection, information security and distributed systems;
  • Modal, deontic and temporal logics;
  • Cognitive agents, multi-agent systems;
  • Formal normative systems;
  • ...

Scientific community

Participations as a member of the organization committee